About us

Fondam today

Fondam srl is an historical company that works to smelt and recycle different ferrous and non ferrous materials, designed for steel plants, foundries and other allowed recovery factories in order to set them up in new production cycles.
Joining tradition and innovation has always granted Fondam to gain a solid position on the national market and, thanks to this traditional long acquired experience, the company is able to guarantee, to customers and suppliers a well integrated management recovery system in the whole recovery process.


The metals collecting, selecting and trading activity began in Naples about a century ago, in the early’20s, with Pasquale Moscato (Lucio’s father), who was born in 1900 and, whilst this long age, had already a visionary knowledge in the metal materials field.
The years following first world war where marked by several activities reconstruction and recovery period and, consequently, the raw materials request was constantly growing.
Pasquale Moscato was forward – looking to understand that besides trade and exchange of different agricultural products and various goods between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian seas would recovery and marketing metals need a greater relevance, a business that at that time was just beginning, but it had huge margins of growth.
So our history started in the field of metal wrecks… in Naples, in the early ‘20s, to move to Vasto in the early ‘50s and next to San Salvo, in the early’70s with the settlement and foundation of the current Fondam srl in the 1974


The company history results in the sector understanding, professionality and skills acquired along the time.
Passion and reliability are a constant for our human resources, we believe in the team work, continuous training and innovation, looking at future with positivity and trust in our capabilities.
Our mission is focused on satisfying at the best our customers and suppliers’ needs paying special attention to environmental sustainability and human resources safety.


The production plants is located in an industrial belt of about 20.000 sqm, designed as a site to process scrap metals, steel plant or foundry.
This wide area of waste in storage (pending treatment) is intended to grant an appropriate room to sorting, selecting and storing scrap metals and dead lead changers, according to current laws.


The decision to invest in a photovoltaic power plant is coherent with Fondam’s company policy of protecting environmental resources: that’s why we have installed one on the roof of our auto consumption.
To understand the full dimension of the investment it’s enough to remember that the average consumption of electricity of an Italian family amounts to 2700 kwh, meaning that we’re able to cover the energetic demand of more than 34 households.